Her Journey

A journey begins with one flight!


*Certified Private Pilot

*Interned at Boeing

*Attended Summer Seminar at Air Force Academy

*Invited  to fly at the BPA 50th Skyhook Flight Competition 

*Attended the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, FL

*Attended Oshkosh Air Show part of Boeing 100 year anniversary 

*Presented at the 2018 Pathfinders Luncheon 

*Attended Private Pilot Ground School at Aviation High School 

*Addressed over 300 peers at Hidden Figures film

*Met and worked with Astronaut Micheal Barrett 

*Member of the 2017 Legion of Youth Award powered by Boeing/Seahawks 

*Spent time with the Blue Angels and their flight crew! 

*Currently attending Aeronautical Science Pathway Program at MOF

*Introduced first African American 3 Star General, Stacey Harris at a RTH  Banquet

*PNBAA scholarship grant

*Cascade Warbirds scholarship

*LeRoy Homer scholarship

*AOPA scholarship

*Tuskegee Airmen National Youth Academy scholarship 

*Black Pilots of America Summer Flight Academy scholarship 

*National Honors Society

*National Academy of Future Scientist & Technologists Award of Excellence

*Inducted into The Society of Torch & Laurel

*Congratulatory letter from Governor Jay Inslee for leadership in STEM

*Interviewed by NBC Nightly News (RTH) 

*Attended the International Women in Aviation Conference 

*Aviation presentation to preschoolers, middle, and high schoolers

*Volunteered Museum of Flight, Camp Counselor

*Ambassador and spokes person for Aeronautical Science Pathways program

*Member of Red Tailed Hawks flying club

*WAI student member

*AOPA student member

*EAA student member

*Connection member with Museum of Flight

*Recognized by Alaska Airlines as a Junior Achievers 

International Day of The Girl honor

*Featured in PNBAA, Galvin Flying, LeRoy Homer Foundation, AOPA, Cascade Warbird, and MRO Insider Newsletters