Girls take flight

Fearless Aviators is an organization founded by youth pilot, London Holmes. London's passion for flying set her on a mission to introduce underserved girls to aviation by gifting them introductory flights. They gain real life experience of what it's like to be a pilot while flying in the seat across from her. London hopes that girls will walk away from the experience having a greater appreciation and a new found interest for aviation. Think about it, there is no greater image that can capture the imagination and empower girls to dream big, than being able to soar with their peer London!


She's fearless

The name Fearless Aviators is synonymous with the late trailblazer Bessie Coleman, the first African American female to become a licensed pilot. Despite the discrimination and danger she faced in her day, she defied all odds and broke through what most would consider insurmountable barriers. 

Today challenges still exist for female pilots as they represent only 6% of all pilots, while this percentage is low it drops significantly for women of color. Like Ms. Coleman, London is breaking through barriers, defying odds, and helping to pave the way for a new generation of young girls. She is committed to the mission of increasing female pilots ~ One flight at a time!


Connecting girls

 London provides additional support to girls after their introductory  flight. She takes an active role in helping guide them through next steps. She may suggest any number of aviation related activities including becoming a member of the Red Tailed Hawks flying club, involvement in the Museum of Flight STEM education programs, joining the Amelia Earhart club, Civil Air Patrol, Private Pilot ground school and more. London also shares and talks to them about scholarship opportunities and becoming a student member in organizations like WIA, AOPA, EAA and Connections. The new Fearless Aviators walk away feeling inspired and empowered!

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