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Fearless Aviators is an organization founded by youth pilot, London Holmes. London's passion for flying set her on a mission to introduce underserved girls to aviation by gifting introductory flights. They gain real life experience of what it feels like to be a pilot while flying in the seat across from her. There is no greater image that can capture and empower girls to dream big and believe in themselves, then seeing their peer take to the skies. London believes becoming a pilot is achievable when opportunities and support systems are in place. She is playing a vital role in helping girls to aim high and soar to new heights!

Fearless She Is


Fearless Aviators ~ The name is synonymous with the late trailblazer Bessie Coleman the first African American female to become a licensed pilot. Despite the discrimination and danger she faced in her day, she was a fearless aviator defying all odds and breaking through barriers. Today challenges still exist for female pilots as they represent only 6 % of total pilots. The percentages are even more staggering for women of color and girls that live in underserved communities. Like Ms. Coleman, London is dedicated and committed to helping girls defy odds, thereby helping to increase the number of female pilots ~ One flight at a time!

Partners & Donors


Fearless Aviators is able to gift flights to girls through the support of partners. This powerful undertaking London embarked upon is possible because of donors like you. She has a special interest in developing partnerships with those who can further provide pathways for girls who show an interest in aviation. If you are ready to be part of an exciting movement where girls are inspired, motivated, and challenged to dream big, while believing through a fearless spirit that they can achieve becoming a pilot, then please consider partnering with London. Fearless Aviators is a place where girls discover the sky is not the limit, it's the view! 

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