Founder~London Olivia Holmes

Soaring is what I do!

Hi my name is London and I attend Sammamish High School in Bellevue and Aeronautical Science Pathways in Seattle. I have to say that flying is my greatest passion! The reason I started Fearless Aviators is to expose more girls to aviation. I've received so many opportunities by way of club memberships, scholarships, and through the support of my mentors; it has allowed me to reach my goal of becoming a private pilot. I want to continue the legacy of giving by paying it forward to you so that you can be inspired to reach your goals. 

I became interested in flying from watching small planes take off and land from the airport nearby my home. One day I told my mom, "I'm putting flying an airplane on my bucket list". As a small child I was always fearless so I knew it was just a matter of time before it would happen.  

Fast forwarding, my life has been full of adventure and excitement and I now have my private pilot certificate! My affiliations and memberships with the Museum of Flight, Red-Tailed Hawks, Civil Air Patrol and the Aeronautical Science Pathways program have fueled my passion for a career as a pilot in the Air Force. 

You may be asking 'how can I become a pilot?' You become a pilot by being determined, focused, and putting in the work. Carve out small goals and connect to the aviation community. Know that there will be challenges and perceived barriers, but do not allow anything to come between you and your dream. Find people who support and believe in you. My mother has been my strongest supporter. My mentor's Anne Simpson and Kimberly Ford are two female pilots who have believed in me from the beginning. I also have a community network of supporters that believe in me, but most importantly I had to believe in myself. Do you believe you can become a fearless aviator? 

Then lets go soar!